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S-h-h-h-h! Don’t Tell! Small Business is BIG.

S-h-h-h-h!  Don’t Tell!  Small Business is BIG.

National Small Business Week began on June 17th.  But, it’s not too late to learn about how big small business is … and how they can grow even bigger.  There are some great insights here from small business owners who made it big-time.


The Best Advice For Small Businesses From Experts Who Have Lived It from HubSpot

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SEO vs. Content Marketing. And the Winner is?

SEO vs. Content Marketing.  And the Winner is?

SEO vs. Content

Why do we always have to have one winner…one best in the pack…one thing to talk about?  Digital marketing vs. traditional marketing.  E-commerce vs. brick and mortar.  Sales vs. marketing.  SEO vs. content marketing.

Barry Feldman just wrote a great article about the insanity of debating who wins in the Content Marketing vs. SEO battle.  I’ll give away the ending.  You might be the potential loser and there are no winners.

Content Marketing vs. SEO: The Truth Behind A Ridiculous Debate – www.contentmarketinginstitute.com





Noise or News? Truth & Static in the Digital World.

Noise or News?  Truth & Static in the Digital World.

“They can’t say anything on the internet that isn’t true.”  Most people snickered at the State Farm Commercial that made this statement popular.  Perhaps the funniest (or saddest) thing is that most people seem to struggle with the difference between noise and news.

In the audio world, noise refers to unwanted electrical fluctuations in signals that cause audible, acoustic noise (“static”).  In the world of digital photography, noise is “an undesirable by-product of image capture that adds spurious and extraneous information.  When we think about static in the world of sound, it’s easy to understand how it detracts from the “truth” of the sound.  When a digital image is overrun with noise, we’ll see the specks, discolored splotches and graininess that detract from the “truth” of the image.

In the world of digital messages, social messaging static often drowns out the truth.  The easy, accessible exchange of information on the internet has certainly created a lot of noise.  In my opinion, more noise than news.  The tsunami of tweets, posts, messages and updates that inundate our digital world are often more noise than signal.  The truth may be hidden under layers of static.  But, most people don’t bother searching for it.

Lazy citizens of the social media world don’t think beyond the boundaries of 140 characters.

They ‘talk’ far more than they listen and don’t thirst for underlying truth.  Instead, intriguing bits of non-substantial information become social currency are traded for notoriety.  They clutter the internet and cloud the power of social media.

Social media puts a great deal of power into the hands of ‘the people’.  Those who approach it with a sense of responsibility are those who should be the leaders of the social media world.  These are the folks who have the patience, fortitude and intelligence to tune down the static in pursuit of the truth.  That’s where the real power of social media lies.

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