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4 Easy Steps to Unlock Marketing Success

4 Easy Steps to Unlock Marketing Success

Winning marketingDoes your website really work for you?  Or is your site buried like an undiscovered treasure at the bottom of the Long Island Sound?   Or is it a tangled mess of seaweed and garbage that’s floating aimlessly in Jones Beach?  Let’s face it.  Websites are easy.  After all, you can create a (free) website in mere minutes.  But, if you haven’t figured out how to make your website work for you, it’s probably a sinkhole filled with your precious time and money.

  1. Having a website is OK.
  2. Having a great website is good.
  3. Having a great website that gets seen is better.
  4. Having a great website that gets seen by the right people is great.
  5. Having a great website that engages increasing numbers of the right people is extraordinary.

According to deep technical, big data analysis there are a gazillion websites.  Most don’t get read.   Many  are seen only by a small group of random people you can fit on that tiny elevator at the back of Macy’s.  Only a few have a big, juicy group of the right people interacting with the site and the organization.

Strategic Marketing PlanHow do you get from OK to extraordinary? Two words – strategic planning.   It’s not only the key to making websites work …  it can unlock  marketing and sales successes throughout your business.

Since the mere utterance of  ‘strategic planning’ seems to make people run,  let’s just focus on the Think…Plan…Do…Review  cycle.   Easy.

THINK – What are your insights on trends and activity in the market, your company, your customers and your competition?  What’s worked in the (recent) past and what hasn’t?  Don’t just look at your closely defined market.  Check out similar industries to see if reading between the lines might shed some light on your challenges.

PLAN – What are your key (measurable) objectives?  What is your strategy on differentiating and communicating your organization’s character and capabilities?  What are the steps you’re going to take to take you from where you are now and where you want to be? Who’s going to do What?  When will it be done?  How much are they going to do it and how much will be spent? Remember to write down your plan.  It’s doesn’t have to be a 42 page document with supporting charts and graphs that you print and distribute (but that’d be great).  You can write it with crayons on a big piece of drawing paper.  Keep a digital copy online or on your desktop.  Just be sure to write it down and save it.

DO – Go out and execute the heck out of your plan.  Plans are meaningless if you’re not going to commit the time, energy, resources and money needed to activate them.

REVIEW – Remember that plan you saved?  Go back to it weekly or monthly and make sure you’re doing what you need to do… and evaluate the impact the plan is having on your business.

 Creating marketing is easy.  Creating marketing that works requires some thought, work and (dare I say) planning.  It can be a great opportunity to create some impact and see your business grow.


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We recently engaged Susan to help with a new product line launch.  Her strategic approach to the project, combined with her project management skills, led us to a great launch.  We would certainly not have been as successful (or as profitable) with this new product line without Susan’s help.

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