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4 Ways to Guarantee Great Non-Marketing

4 Ways to Guarantee Great Non-Marketing

Non Marketing PerformanceWant to know how to make your marketing a last minute scramble? Want an almost certain guarantee of ineffective, inefficient, inconsistent marketing?  Well, you’re in luck.   Here are the four best practices for great non-marketers:

  1. Don’t focus on customers
  2. Don’t think about marketing
  3. Don’t care about competition
  4. Don’t consider  yesterday or tomorrow

Are you following the Four Don’ts and are you then surprised that you’re rushing around at the last minute to put together a new brochure, mailing, a new website or a new ad?  Kind of silly – don’t you think?

I recently read an interesting blog post  about the “..Frantic Scramble in Marketing” from Drew McLellan

 “…some of the challenges that business owners/leaders face when it comes to marketing, like:

  1. Marketing is not part of their daily routine — so they cycle. Go like crazy when things are slow and then do nothing when they’re flush. If the dry spell is too long, they go out of business.
  2. Chasing after new business and ignoring existing customers (spend time/money in the exact wrong way — it should be spent on employees, current customers and then prospects not the other way around).
  3. Marketing is too self centered/focused. Way too much me/we and not enough focus on the customers’ needs.
  4. Try to do too many different marketing tactics all at once and don’t do any of them for a long enough period of time or with enough depth. Better to do fewer but do them better.
  5. Business owners need an outside perspective. Why/how is their business different/unique? What is the value proposition that only they can offer? But they can’t figure it out on their own. It’s like trying to describe the outside of a bottle — if you are inside it. Can’t unknown what you know.”

“Are you suffering from any of those mistakes?  Are you so busy scrambling that you’re applying the same philosophy to your marketing? Create a marketing game plan and follow it.  Leave the scrambling to other aspects of running your business.”

The dangers of excluding marketing from the forefront of your business go beyond the last-minute dash to get marketing projects completed.  Without a marketing mindset, it is likely that your marketing will be less effective and less efficient.  In fact, it’s likely that your non-marketing will be downright ineffective and inefficient.  You’re likely to spend more money to get less.  If that’s your goal, then go for it.  If not, you need to start living the marketing life.

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