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6 Steps to Getting Customers to Sit, Stay and Poop Outside

6 Steps to Getting Customers to Sit, Stay and Poop Outside

(Do You Need To Train Your Customers?)



I am not suggesting that you tug a training collar to get customers’ attention.  Nor will I tell you to give them liver treats for paying attention to your messages.  But customers do need to be trained to understand what they can and can’t expect from you… and what you should know about them.


Living with dogs requires training (for both you and the dog).  I recently got a puppy and am learning some of the harsh realities of training.  At the ripe old age of 4 months, he was full of energy and didn’t understand the necessity of walking on a leash and pooping outside.  Training is the only way for both of us to reach a happy medium.


The core secret of training dogs:

1. Understand what they need
2. Be more exciting than everything else going on
3. Reward positive behavior
4. Use consistency to develop trust
5. Be just as tenacious about training as they are about not being trained.
6. Love them


Now think about it.  Is that any different that how you should relate to customers?

The secret of training customers:

1. Understand what they need

  • If you want people (or dogs) to do something, you’re going to have to get an understanding of what they need and then deliver to those needs.

2. Be more exciting than everything else that’s going on

  • Differentiate yourself from competition
  • Create some energy about your brand
  • Make yourself so interesting to them, they just have to pay attention to you

3. Reward positive behavior

  • Thank customers for you business.  Now thank them again.
  • Say thank you without trying to sell them something.  Sometimes, say thank you and GIVE them something.

4. Use consistency to develop trust

  • Make sure your customers can rely on you all the time.  Just because it’s the end of a crummy week doesn’t justify poor service.  Just because they’re annoying beyond belief doesn’t justify an obnoxious response.  
  • The only way your customers are going to know they can trust you is if you are consistently helpful, polite, considerate and prompt.  

5. Be just as tenacious about training as they are about not being trained.

  • Keep trying.  Don’t be one of those companies who says, “We tried that and it didn’t work.”  Try it again.  Tweak it.  Figure out what you’re doing wrong or not good enough and do it right, do it better, or just do it again. 

6. Love them

  • Some of you might think that loving your customers is a bit extreme.  It isn’t.  Your past, current and future customers are keeping your business alive.


Customers have a ‘leg up’ (pun intended) on dogs.  They (usually) don’t need any housebreaking.  On that note, I’ll leave you and take Barney for a walk.

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