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7 Steps to Getting Customers to Like, Love & Lust

7 Steps to Getting Customers to Like, Love & Lust

Having employees and customers who like your business is nice.  But, let’s admit it.  Being nice is like being that blind date with a nice personality.  Don’t you want to be the one with a great personality  that people fall in love with and that many lust after?  If you’re going for mediocrity, just don’t bother reading any further.

If you think you have what it takes to be that business that people like, love and lust after… then here are the rules.


 1. Satisfaction is thebarenaked minimum

Satisfying customer needs is mediocre.  It’s the bare minimum you need to do.  When A client calls me at 2:15 on a Tuesday afternoon and asks me to help on a (unplanned) project  that afternoon, I do it.  It’s the least I can do and it’s not deserving of life-long love.  When they call at 2:15 on a Saturday afternoon and ask me to be at their offices that afternoon to help put together a sales meeting presentation that afternoon because they just forgot about it.  That might start the ball rolling on love.


 2. Don’t make customers work for it

A Harvard Business Review article suggested that delighting your customers could be a waste of time since, “ what matters most to customers is the amount of effort they put in to interactions: 96% of customers who report putting in high effort in their service interactions are more disloyal, while only 9% of customers who expend low effort are more disloyal.” 


 3. Empower everyone to wow customers

Your customers interface with your front line.  Make sure that yours is engaged, excited and looking to make your customers life easier and solve their problems quicker.


 4. Pre-solve problems

Remember rule #2.  The point is to save your customers time and energy.  The objective is to remove stress from their lives.  Solve problems before they happen.  And, be sure you tell them about it!


 5. Make the “2 ears , 1 mouth” communication strategy a religion

You know the drill.  You have 2 ears and 1 mouth… listen twice as much as you talk.  Remember that listening is not just a matter of not talking.  Listen to what your customers say.  Listen so hard that you hear the symphony between the lines.


 6. Know when to hold-em… know when to fold-em

Realize that you’re not going to get every customer to think that you’re the greatest thing since sliced bread.  I haven’t figured out the hard rules of how to do this, but sometimes you’re going to have to just let it go.


 7. Let everyone know how much your customers love you

Who do you want more – the one that everyone else love (or is lusting after) or the one that’s just OK?

When new customers learn how much your current customers love you, they’re going to expect more from you.  But, that’s OK because we both now that you’re prepared to deliver!

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