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Susan Schaffer, founder and president of Market Inc. Marketing Consultants, has a 25+ year track record of creating profitable growth for start-ups, small businesses and global Fortune 500 companies. With a holistic view of marketing, she has consistently driven sales growth, market share, bottom line performance, and brand value by harnessing the strengths that live within those businesses. 



Over the past 25 years, she’s held marketing and general management positions in public and privately owned firms representing a diverse cross-section of industries:  imaging, consumer electronics, appliances, online services, housewares and office products.  As marketing consultants, based on Long Island, NY, she works with local, regional, national and multi-nationals to help them face their business challenges.  



  • Transformed a failing consumer electronics brand by re-focusing the brand, re-energizing communications and restructuring core operations.  Within 3 years, sales tripled, market share doubled and a bleeding red bottom line was transformed into solid black.


  • Worked with numerous brands to build profitable new distribution with major mass retailers, specialty stores and online retailers.


  • Created a unifying brand message for multiple divisions of a global Fortune 500 company that resulted in a double digit increase in brand awareness, brand value and sales.


  • Launched an online start-up, securing the business as a “Top 20” website within 30 days of launch.


  • Helped a small, local business successfully launch new services that increased sales 15% within the first year.


  • Created business plans and presentations for business owners and corporate executives who were under-resourced, under-staffed and under the gun. 


  • Helped a small, regional business increase sales while cutting expenses with a new, highly targeted marketing plan.


What Are People Saying?

Outspent and with mediocre brand imagery scores, Susan developed a strategic plan that focused on influencers across a broad range of target audiences. This plan maximized the impact of the marketing dollars and resulted in increased brand awareness, retailer placement and sales revenue.

J. RutherfordVice President, Corporate CommunicationsFujifilm Holdings

How We Can Help You.

We are marketing consultants based on Long Island, NY. Over the past 20 years, we've built fierce market leaders in a broad range of businesses - from tiny start-ups to global Fortune 500 companies.  Our experience spans multiple industries from consumer electronics to financial services and from food services to photo.  We're looking forward to talking to you to see how we can help take your business to the next level.