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Press Releases

Consultants Help Businesses Plan For Success

New York, June 24, 2013:  Market Inc, a new strategic marketing consultancy based on Long Island is committed to help businesses with their marketing efforts and help them plan for success.  With online and social marketing options so abundantly available, it’s relatively easy for any business to put themselves out there.  But, 99% of the time, they spend resources but don’t get results.

Founder, Susan Schaffer spent years in the corporate world helping a range of companies; from start-ups to billion dollar multi-nationals develop smart solutions that built their business.  Susan often quotes Yogi Berra to explain her marketing perspective “He wasn’t a marketer by a long stretch but he said it best – …if you don’t know where you’re going, you’re going to wind up somewhere else.  In today’s market, with so many options and even more pressures, planning is critical for all businesses, regardless of their size.”

Working with a small team of dedicated people, Susan helped to launch a new online business that was recognized as a leading force in the industry within 30 days of launch.  Soon after that she helped a $25 billion dollar consumer electronics company create a corporate branding platform and went on to turn around a product division that was dripping red ink at the bottom line.  In a couple of years, she created and led programs that tripled revenues and established one of the most profitable divisions in the company.  Market Inc understands that each organization has a unique set of challenges and objectives.  Their focus is on finding the right balance of solutions that fit each client’s situation. They consider themselves to be Marketing Catalysts more than consultants, focusing on their ability to create those 1+1=3 synergies that drives sales, new business and profitability.

About Market Inc

Market Inc was founded in 2008 by marketing veteran Susan Schaffer.  The company is located in the waterfront community of Beechurst in Northeastern Queens, New York and provides a complete suite of strategic marketing services to a range of companies in the greater NYC area and across the U.S.  Among the suite of solutions offered are marketing/ communications/ business plans, branding strategy, and advertising as well as interim staffing and project management.  For more information or to schedule a consultation, call Market Inc at 718-746-1299 or visit them online at www.market-inc.com.

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What Are People Saying?

I have had the pleasure of working for Susan on several assignments. One of her main strengths is her creativity and the unique talent to provide proper direction and vision to her vendors when contemplating a new project.   Although not necessary, she always found the time to pass along praise to our workforce when we went the extra mile. A true rarity these days.

Doug Robertson

How We Can Help You.

We are marketing consultants based on Long Island, NY. Over the past 20 years, we've built fierce market leaders in a broad range of businesses - from tiny start-ups to global Fortune 500 companies.  Our experience spans multiple industries from consumer electronics to financial services and from food services to photo.  We're looking forward to talking to you to see how we can help take your business to the next level.