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Are You Really A Professional?

Are You Really A Professional?

Marketing Professional

I recently read a post on Elizabeth Halford‘s blog.

 “I want to start a photography business, but I’m not a photographer.”

Elizabeth had some great advice and suggested the folly of trying to start an artistic business without knowing the art or the business.  My first thought was how demeaning this comment was to the profession.

Do people think that anyone can pick up a camera and figure it out?

Do people think that creativity is inborn in everyone?

Do they think that creativity, innovation and that mastery of the technology is within each of us?

Creative Guidelines

We mere mortals are in love with creativity.  There’s a romance quality to that creative world that most of us want to be part of.  And many of us believe that we’re qualified to do just that.  But like many things in life, there are guidelines.  There are guidelines to what makes a great photo… a great painting… a great work of art.

Marketing Guidelines

As we know there are also guidelines in the business world.  We all willingly accept legal, accounting and financial guidelines.  But when it comes to marketing, advertising and sales, everyone thinks they know best.  Forget about ‘best practices’.  Forget about years of experience and experimentation that have proven the efficacy of certain protocols.

“I want to make marketing decisions, but I don’t have marketing experience.”

“I want to re-write that ad, but I’m not a copywriter.”

“I want to create a guerilla marketing event in Grand Central Station with about 1,200 people and a High School Band on my $3,000 budget.”

The title of “professional” is backed up with a great deal of time and energy – training, hard work, experimentation, learning, honing, polishing and on and on.  Feel free to challenge any professional when something is not the way you believe it should be.  But, remember to have a bit of respect for everything that went into building their professionalism.

Sharing creative insights is wonderful.  You never know where the next great idea is going to come from and people should be open to expressing and listening to those insights.  One great photo, doesn’t make you a professional photographer.  And one amazing marketing idea does not make you a professional marketer.



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