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Brand Yourself to Differentiate Your Business!

Brand Yourself to Differentiate Your Business!

Branding YourselfMarketing yourself is a great way to differentiate your organization and build your business’  brand.   Are you looking for the key differentiation between your business and the hundreds of others that your customers can easily find?  Then look no further than the essence of “you”.

As a small business owner, you may just be one the the biggest determinations of your business’ success.   There may be hundreds of other companies like you out there.  But, there aren’t hundreds of  “you”.  Branding is all about finding the unique, meaningful differentiation in your business.   Could that be you?


It has never been easier to locate people or suppliers in your industry, who are capable. Search engines and social networks allow us to find capable people and check them out, without even picking up a phone.

Your capabilities
So, if you are relying on being capable, as a way to build your business, you are going to find yourself consistently fighting to get noticed. You will find yourself consistently having to justify your fees. You will find yourself consistently having to compete against all those other capable people and businesses. You will find yourself unable to look to the future with confidence.

Of course, it is essential for you to be capable. However, that’s not even the baseline any more, now that prospective clients can find 10 capable alternatives on Google, in seconds.

Being more than capable
Fortunately, although there are thousands of people, perhaps millions, who are capable in your area of expertise, there is only one YOU.

You are unique.
You have a unique set of life experiences.
You have a unique personality.
You have a unique mind.
You have a unique way of solving problems.
You have a unique set of contacts and resources.
Focusing on what makes you uniquely valuable, is what allows you to rise above your competitors and grow a successful business. Learn how to provide a great service, then learn how to do it your own, unique way. The only place someone can get your unique service… is from you.

No more competition. No more fee sensitive clients. No more poorly suited clients.

Just clients and customers who ‘get’ your unique way of doing things and value you!

From by Jim Connolly

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