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Brandify Yourself and “Create a Business People Love”

Brandify Yourself and "Create a Business People Love"

BrandifyBrandify is an amazing tool for businesses who want to strengthen their online branding.  In addition to a range of services they offer for a reasonable monthly charge, they also offer a fantastic range of free tools.  No credit card.  No promises to pay on “Tuesday for your hamburger today”.   Walking through a few simple steps, you can submit information about your website and your online social network.  They will evaluate it all and give you clear, concise steps for improvement.

Here’s Brandify‘s vision in their own words:

Our vision is to build a robust set of tools that enables a small business to enhance its brand, reach more customers, and better engage those customers.

We believe the speed at which information is transferred in today’s digital world gives small businesses a tremendous opportunity to reach and engage more customers simply through enhancing their online presence. We became convinced of this when we read a BIA Kelsey study stating 97% of consumers research products online before buying local. And on average consumers use 7.9 different online resources to review information.

For these reasons we created Brandify to provide insights into how well your business shows up online. And we use this analysis as the foundation for simple, straightforward guidance to enhance your social media, online listings, and search engine results. The outcome of all this is that you’re able to reach and engage more customers, making it more likely that those customers will believe in your brand and ultimately spend their money with you. So get Brandified today!

Brandify yourself and “Create a Business People Love.”  www.brandify.com

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