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12 Social Media Marketing Articles You Should Read

DozenEvery now and again I’ll be posting interesting, informational and (sometimes) important articles on Social Media Marketing.  Here are a few for you to read now.  Hopefully, like that dozen eggs, they’ll hatch into something great for you!


1. “5 Reasons To Rework Your Social Media Strategy” via Social Media Hat

If your business’s social media marketing is not delivering desirable results, in all probability you may have driven head first into it without working out a strategy to optimize its potential. In this case, it’s time you revised your strategies.

2. “32 Hot Social Media Software Tools” via Razor Social

Did you know that there are well over 1,000 social media software tools to choose from to help you manage your social media presence?

Check out this list for tools that can make your content creation, sharing an monitoring easier.

 3. “6 Steps to Build a Social Listening Dashboard” via Social Media Examiner

Social media is not about broadcasting your message and ignoring the feedback.  It IS the feedback.  Listening to your social media is a great first step.

By using these scalable social listening tools, you can monitor your industry and social networks in as little as an hour a day. While each tool can work on its own, the real power comes when you integrate them.

 4. “Why Marketers Love Instagram & Pinterest” via Fast Company

Visual baby.  Visual.

With 92% of marketers indicating that social media is an increasingly essential tool, there is also a growing trend towards using (or planning to use) visual content on more traditional platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Additionally, there has been an uptake in marketers using visually based platforms such as Pinterest, YouTube, and Instagram.  Marketers are now looking to create original visuals and videos to engage audiences, and there’s no question that marketers need to think about shifting their content strategy that way.

 5. “A Social Media Trip for Groups with Members” via Small Biz Survival

  6. “20 Important LinkedIn Groups for Business” via Small Biz Trends

 7. “The Complete Social Media Cover Photo Guide” via The Social Media Hat

 8. “20 Crowdsourced Twitter Tips for an All-Around Amazing Twitter Experience” via Buffer.com

… Twitter is a constantly evolving, constantly challenging place to experiment, enjoy, and discover, and we all have a unique approach to the way we get things done with our tweets and followers.

 9. “Social Media Marketing Benefit Tips” via Heidi Cohen

Nine clear benefits of social media marketing are listed along with 40 tips on how to achieve those benefits.  No one’s suggesting you use all the tips, but some of them are easy and can have a great impact on your biz.

 10. “Most Engaging Topics on Twitter & Facebook” via Marketing Profs

This is a roundup in itself.  Check out the top engaging videos online, media channels used by small businesses, a linkbaiting tactic for the social good and how to mute those Twitter addicts.

 11. “Rise to the Challenge and Reward of Reaching Senior Citizens on Social” via Sprout Social

Not only does this demographic have a higher net worth than its younger counterpart, but they’re also one of the fastest growing demographics on social networks. There are currently 39 million people aged 65 and older using Facebook, Twitter, and Skype, so why aren’t more marketers leveraging these connections?

 12. “How All the Cool Kids Are Using Social Media to Achieve Business Goals” via Marketing Profs

Every good social media plan starts by focusing on where you want to end up. Your goals dictate the objectives and detailed execution plans to achieve them. Most social plans still center on increasing brand awareness and building business. As it turns out, though, the cool kids are using social for much more.  Social is versatile, like a trusty Swiss army knife. It can serve your marketing and business development goals in many ways.

Lessons Learned From Facebook!

Lessons Learned From Facebook!

Let’s learn our lesson from Facebook.  When one, large, powerful organization owns the media, they control the message.  First Facebook … then Net Neutrality.  The Internet Superhighway just became a toll road!

An article in Inc. Magazine recently announced that “An alarming report about a drop in engagement on Facebook sent marketers reeling.” (Read More)

Facebook Engagement

Sierra, Nik Wallenda and How to Succeed in Social Media

Sierra, Nik Wallenda and How to Succeed in Social Media

Nik Wallenda Grand CanyonIn a recent client meeting, one of their summer interns was asked to join the meeting.

“Sierra has some great, fresh ideas about our marketing. She thinks we need to be on Facebook and Twitter.  And, I think we need to be on social media.”


Social Media isn’t a Strategy

Now, this is a company I was trying to bring into the world of blogging.  Not only were they in a highly competitive market where customer loyalty was low across the board, their website content was pretty static, un-engaging and un-supportive of a dynamic SEO strategy.  A blog seemed the perfect answer.

“Our customers aren’t interested enough in our services to read about them all the time.  We tried a Facebook page and it didn’t work out.”

I saw their old Facebook page.  There was no engagement.  In fact, there was no attempt at engagement.  It was a page of that infamous social media guilty pleasure of self-promotion.  Nonetheless, I saw an opportunity to leverage Sierra’s nudge to open the social media door. So, I asked Sierra what her goals would be for social media.  It was tough for her to mask her disdain when she answered.

“Goals?  What do you mean?  Don’t you realize how many people are on Facebook?”

No Strategic Plan

We Just Wanna Tweet.  We Don’t Need a Plan.

As it turned out, no one really had a plan for social media.  They just wanted to throw a few tweets and posts at the wall to see what might stick.  Whoa!!!  They  really didn’t care if anything stuck, they just wanted to toss a few things out there.

Social marketing without a plan is pretty close to crossing the Grand Canyon on a tightrope…without a net.  If you’re an undisputed pro (like Nik Wallenda), you may be OK.  If not, you’re screwed.

Social media is tough.  It’s a lot tougher, much more unproductive and a time sink without a plan.  A recent post by Heidi Cohen in Social Media Examiner outlines “How to Setup a Social Media Strategy”.

  1. Set goals
  2. Know your audience
  3. Define core topics
  4. Choose your media platforms
  5. Encourage engagement everywhere
  6. Create processes
  7. Measure results

I learned 2 lessons.

Don’t cross the Grand Canyon without a net.

Don’t attempt social media without a plan.


Best & Worst Times to Post on Social Media

It’s tough to get noticed on social media. Posting at the right time should be part of your strategy.

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair, we had everything before us, we had nothing before us, we were all going direct to Heaven, we were all going direct the other way, in short, the period was so far like the present period, that some of its noisiest authorities insisted on its being received, for good or for evil, in the superlative degree of comparison only.   – Charles Dickens

Noise or News? Truth & Static in the Digital World.

Noise or News?  Truth & Static in the Digital World.

“They can’t say anything on the internet that isn’t true.”  Most people snickered at the State Farm Commercial that made this statement popular.  Perhaps the funniest (or saddest) thing is that most people seem to struggle with the difference between noise and news.

In the audio world, noise refers to unwanted electrical fluctuations in signals that cause audible, acoustic noise (“static”).  In the world of digital photography, noise is “an undesirable by-product of image capture that adds spurious and extraneous information.  When we think about static in the world of sound, it’s easy to understand how it detracts from the “truth” of the sound.  When a digital image is overrun with noise, we’ll see the specks, discolored splotches and graininess that detract from the “truth” of the image.

In the world of digital messages, social messaging static often drowns out the truth.  The easy, accessible exchange of information on the internet has certainly created a lot of noise.  In my opinion, more noise than news.  The tsunami of tweets, posts, messages and updates that inundate our digital world are often more noise than signal.  The truth may be hidden under layers of static.  But, most people don’t bother searching for it.

Lazy citizens of the social media world don’t think beyond the boundaries of 140 characters.

They ‘talk’ far more than they listen and don’t thirst for underlying truth.  Instead, intriguing bits of non-substantial information become social currency are traded for notoriety.  They clutter the internet and cloud the power of social media.

Social media puts a great deal of power into the hands of ‘the people’.  Those who approach it with a sense of responsibility are those who should be the leaders of the social media world.  These are the folks who have the patience, fortitude and intelligence to tune down the static in pursuit of the truth.  That’s where the real power of social media lies.

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