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Influence the Influencers

Influence The Influencers - Market IncWant to get your message heard?  You don’t have to influence everyone.  Gain the support of the influencers.   To do that you need to understand the best way to engage them and get them to trust you.

This infographic outlines the marketing/ business community.  Your key influencers may be different.  But, the concept of targeting them to efficiently get your message out there is a powerful concept.  If you’re interested, call me and we can work on your influence map together.

Are You an Anti-Social Marketer?

Are You an Anti-Social Marketer?

17778216_s keyboard dislike buttonThere’s no dispute. Social media is big, bold and here to stay. 500 million Twitter-ers. 1 Billion Facebook Users. 340 million on Google+. They won’t be stopped. From Twitter and Facebook to Pinterest and Foursquare, the ‘people’ now have a voice. But, who’s listening.

Social media isn’t about just talking. Magazines, newspapers, broadcast media and even the internet have offered the ability to talk. The true value of social media is the interaction and that implies both listening and responding. Admittedly, there are those who use social media to engage and really interact. But, they’re in the minority.

Sure, there are power Twitterers out there. We know they ‘talk’ to the masses, but do they listen? And, if they don’t listen, aren’t they just broadcasting? Justin Bieber has 3.5 million followers on Twitter. He follows 123,557. Come on. You’ve got to admit that it’s pretty unlikely that Justin’s reading tweets from those 123,557 people. And, do you really think that all of his 3.5 million followers are really reading everything he writes. If he’s reading any tweets on his public account, it’s assuredly a fraction of those 562 folks he follows. The fact is that many, if not most, power users of the infamous 140 character message, are broadcasting. They’re not listening.

E-Marketer claims that most people use social media to keep in touch with friends and family – “going 2 lunch @ empire diner”, “on our way to Auntie Mame’s house”. Interesting? Maybe to some. Market meaningful? Probably not.

We know how much is being said via social media, but very few are listening. And, most of what’s being said is often trival and transient … or just falling on deaf ears. Seems pretty anti-social to me. Social media and social marketing will change communications over time. There is huge potential but, like most tools, needs to be used property.

Think back (if you can) to the early days of the internet…static information transformed from a written paper page to a digitized written page. It took years to begin scratching the surface of what the internet offered. Right now, much of social media is pretty anti-social. If we’re going to take it to the next level, we need to engage and interact. Talk to people who want to listen. Say things people want to listen to. Let’s face it. If you’re only talking about things you want to say, you may as well just walk into an empty room, close the door and start talking. If you want people to listen, you’ll need to listen to them first. Stop being anti-social!

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