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Four Words to be Banned From Business

Ban These 4 Words From BusinessDoes senior management love themselves a bit too much? Are they lazy, scared … or a bit of both?
If not, then why is the first response to (really) new ideas, “we don’t do that”. It drives me absolutely crazy! Why don’t you do that? Why can’t you do that? Well, that’s just not who we are. Seems that what they’ve done and who they currently are is good enough for them. And that is why your tomorrow will not be any better than your “today”.

Rest assured. The rest of the world is not stopping for you. 21st century dynamics demand that you constantly question who you are, what you do … and, most importantly, how you can do it better. As the big picture thinkers and long term planners of your organization, it must be the passion and responsibility of management to re-think, revitalize and revise what they do, how they do it and who they are. You might not think this is important to your business. After all, “you don’t do that”. But, your competitors are looking for better ways to run their business. They’re not throwing down the brick wall of “we don’t do that”. They’re innovating. They’re making progress. And, one day, they’ll be nipping at your tail.

Today’s economy is the most challenging that most of us has had to deal with in our careers. But, never before have we had the choice of marketing and media vehicles we have today. Never before have we had the ability for mass interaction with our customers. Never before have we had such a great opportunity for true innovation in the way we talk to customers and they to us. Never before have we had such a plethora of options in products and services.

But, if you’re ‘fat and happy’ with your business today… or just too scared to take a leap into something new… just keep chanting, “we don’t do that”.

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