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Design for Design Sake: Fail

Design for Design Sake: Fail

Grafik BS Design

Design is a critical component of all <visual> marketing.  It can make or break logos, brands, websites, packaging, presentations  and … almost everything.  But when design goes overboard, who does it serve?  Possibly no one.

Use professional designers in your business whenever possible.  But, be sure follow these rules:

  1. Describe your brand (attitude, target customer)
  2. Desribe the message you want the designer to help you deliver
  3. Reject ideas that don’t support (1) or (2)

A designer’s perspective can bring  new, fresh look to your business.   It can clarify your brand image better than most other tools.  But,  don’t fall prey to falling love with a design that doesn’t work for your business, your brand or for you.

But design can go bad.

PSFK reports that “Graphic Designer Amy West has created a brilliantly refreshing new project titled Grafik BSThe work sees a completely made-up design studio with its own fake Behance page aimed at an audience with a shallow understanding of design….The studio’s ‘page’ displays posters with meaningless messages giving users the ability to comment on her phony designs thus portraying our modern obsession with trends and style whether they be good, or bad.”

Check out the article here. 

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