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Do You Believe in Boomers? You Should!

Do You Believe in Boomers?  You Should!

Marketing to boomersIt’s no secret that corporate America is focused on millennials both in their marketing and in employment.  After all, we’re told, they are the future.  We’re supposed to follow the needs and wants of this sanctified group with the ridiculous assumption that their lifestyles and buying habits will never change.   As the infamous Mike Fleming would say, “that’s crazy talk!.”

Now, I have nothing against millennials.  I just can’t understand the blind love affair with them since it’s generally tossed the rest of the market into the ranks of 2nd class citizenship.  Oddly enough, it seems that the monotlith of big agencies can only sing the praises of one demographic at a time.

Well, the shoe’s on the other foot now.  Avenue A   is a relatively new agency that was started by not-so-new creative agency folks and one of their focus areas is marketing to the over 50 crowd.    The reason for their focus is not that they’re over 50.  It’s that it just makes sense to market to a large group of people with money to spend.  These Baby Boomers are the millennials of 30 to 40 years ago.  Oddly enough, they were the ‘me’ generation back then.  Here’s a taste of Avenue A’s perspective:

Since we all look to Hollywood to tell us what we should think, you should know that baby boomers are Hollywood’s new hot market.  “…films that cater to grown-up tastes are becoming a valuable commodity for studios looking to tap into a growing demographic: ticket-buyers age 50 and up who still adhere to the ritual of seeing the latest releases on the big screen rather than streaming via Netflix or renting from services such as Redbox.”  Here are a few of Hollywood’s favorite boomers.  Think about how much richer they make our lives.

Liam Neeson, 60

Meryl Streep, 63

Susan Sarandon, 66

Tommy Lee Jones,  66

Helen Mirren, 67

Diane Keaton, 67

Robert DiNiro, 69

Morgan Freeman, 75

Maggie Smith, 78

Judi Densch, 78

Marketing to the over 50 crowd is not a case study for adult diapers, wheel chairs and blood pressure medication.   They’re pioneering a new lifestyle as experienced, appreciative, gracious contributors to our quality of life … and avid purchasers of a vast range of products that are inadequately marketing to (and by) them.   But, age is not the only determinant of your designated demographic.  Check the Pew “How Millennial are You” Quiz.  I rated as a millennial in spite of my chronological baby boomer status.




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