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The Fairy Tale of Purple Cows

The Fairy Tale of Purple Cows

Once upon a time, a wanderer traveled through a busy, crowded city. Deep in thought, the wanderer dreamed about what could be. With dreams fueling his travels, he left the crowded city and found himself in an expansive, green, lush field. Then, out of the corner of his tired eyes, he saw the purple cow. That was it! His dreams of ‘what could be’ were coming into reality. He began breeding purple cows and it was a winning business. His money multiplied and his customers were ecstatic.
But, happy endings are generally for fairy tales.

Purple cows are rare!

Seth Godin’s book, Purple Cow: Transform Your Business by Being Remarkable, posits that the creation of something that is innovative and unique is the only (best?) way to break through the clutter of mediocre products and messaging in the market. To quote the book, “You’re either remarkable or invisible.” I believe that’s still true today.
Finding a purple cow is unlikely. Creating a purple cow is what businesses need to do.

Create your purple cow.

Many businesses are, in their current state, very similar to their competitors. No purple cow here … unless you get a big ol’ bucket and paint that cow purple. Can’t find the purple paint for your business?   Think deep, long and hard. You may have a few drops of purple paint sitting right in front of you.
1. Is your customer service better?
2. Does your technology make your product/ service better?
3. Are you more accessible to customers?
If there’s really nothing different or better about your business, then build it. Make yourself the most friendly and accessible, with products that have the best features and hordes of customers who ‘love you best’.


Cultivate your purple cow.

Even after you create your purple cow, your work might not be finished. If your purple cow is more successful than your competitors’ white cows, they’re going to figure out how to paint their own. And when they, you’re going to see your brilliant cow fade. First to lavender. Then just a blush. And soon you may be just another cow in the field.
Be smart and always be thinking about how to repaint your cow. Polka dots. Stripes. Maybe a lovely paisley. Whatever it is, you should always be thinking about your next step.

Reinvent. Re-create. Re-think.  It’s the only thing that keeps your business brilliant.

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