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How Reality Can Trump the 5 Rules of Market Leadership

How Reality Can Trump the 5 Rules of Market Leadership

brand liesThere are too many people walking around with the foolish conviction that they are the biggest and best in their market.  They believe they have all of the answers and that they set the guidelines for the rest of their market.   I steer clear of these folks.  They operate with a closed brain and an open mouth, yet feel they’ve uncovered the secrets of market leadership.  I will let you in on their secret.  With 5 rules and a mere 50 words, they’ve figured it all out.

Repeat these words consistently to everyone you speak with inside and outside your company:

  1. We are the number 1 leader in this market.
  2. We have more customers in the market than anyone else.
  3. We have higher customer loyalty vs. our competition.
  4. All of our competitors follow everything what we do


I’m not sure if their perception is their reality or if deranged or if their egos are too fragile to understand that they can’t possibly know everything about everything all of the time.  But, there are a ridiculous number of folks who believe that saying something makes it possible.  Saying it loudly and consistently to everyone makes it “true” (in their world).  Unfortunately, there are hordes of unthinking people who get swept up into it and believe those false “truths”.

I have one easy rule…one simple filter… to help separate truth from fiction:

  1.  Objectively measure all claims and prove it’s truth (or fiction)


Many people claiming leadership don’t actually have a clear definition of what constitutes their market nor do they have objective performance measurements of their claims.  That closed-brain, open-mouth strategy might actually enable them to gain some group.  But, within time, a ‘David’ will arise to challenge their self-claimed Goliath existence.  And then, without a firm grasp of reality, they’ll fall down.  Just remember that reality can be your best friend…. or the inescapable sword that bursts your balloon.


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