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How To Hire A Marketing Consultant

How To Hire A Marketing Consultant

Kelly Burkart advises that, “The role of marketing director is one of many responsibilities that fall on the shoulders of a small business owner. Unless that’s your area of expertise, it may take time away from other areas you should be focusing on. ”  A marketing consultant who comes armed with experience in strategic planning and project management, combined with a network of expert specialists can save you time and money.  In her article in U.S. Bank Connect, Kelly describes how a marketing consultant can help.

Planning and execution. A marketing consultant works with you to determine your marketing goals and budget, and then creates a marketing plan with specific recommendations. With an agreed-upon plan, the consultant helps execute each step using their resources in areas such as media, creative, public relations, etc.

Experience. Many independent (or freelance) marketing consultants have already worked for large marketing firms and have years of experience with a wide variety of industries. You benefit from their expertise without paying for the overhead of a large firm. Expect to pay more per hour than you would for a salaried employee, but realize you’re only paying for the hours a consultant is working for you. In the long run you’ll save money by working with an established consultant who can get up to speed quickly.

More time for you. In addition to setting and achieving your company’s marketing goals, hiring a marketing consultant frees up more of your time to spend on what you do best, whether that’s the day-to-day running of your company, new product development, or sales.

A network of specialists. Just as you try not to do everything yourself, don’t expect a marketing consultant to design your brochures, develop your website, and write your press releases. Experienced consultants have their own networks of designers, copywriters, PR specialists, web developers, and others they call on to execute specific projects.


Link to Kelly Burkart’s article on U.S. Bank Connect

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I have had the pleasure of working for Susan on several assignments. One of her main strengths is her creativity and the unique talent to provide proper direction and vision to her vendors when contemplating a new project.   Although not necessary, she always found the time to pass along praise to our workforce when we went the extra mile. A true rarity these days.

Doug Robertson

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