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If You’re Not Your Own Worst Enemy, Who Will Be?

If You're Not Your Own Worst Enemy, Who Will Be?

15875809_sOne of the most dangerous things you can do in business is to fall in love with yourself.  You sit behind your desk and pat yourself on the back.  You’re just so smart.  You know it all.  Isn’t it true that no one else really understands the business as well as you do.  Isn’t it true that your competitors just copy everything you do?   Isn’t it insane how ignorant your customers are?   Ahhhh!  You are the font of knowledge… the queen of all that is good… the all-seeing and all-knowing.  HA!

Right about now is when the sky opens up and the supreme order of life showers rolling gales of laughter upon your kingdom.  The harsh reality is that you are not your business.  Your business cannot sustain itself without a network of employees, partners, customers, and competitors.  It’s your relationship to this network that truly differentiates your business potential. Do you respect them?  Are you willing and able to learn from them?  Are you able to read between the lines and develop insights into the market?  Are you create enough to weave new solutions from your learning?

Once you start thinking you are the infallible genius who predetermines the success of your company, your industry and your customers you open the door to a slippery slope.  But, here’s the harsh reality.  The next great idea will not spring forth from inside a walled off mind.  The seeds of that next great idea are likely to come from your customers or employees.  Or perhaps it’ll come from a competitor or a completely different business.  Maybe it’ll come from that movie you saw over the week-end or a trek through a local park.  The most genius thing you can do is to open your thinking to the world.

Don’t think that you know it all.

Don’t believe that you are the best at what you do.

Don’t think that you’re the only one who can do what you do.

Don’t believe your own press releases.

DO keep an open mind.

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Susan’s efforts enabled us to acquire many high profile customers and increased revenues tremendously.
She has the ability to get other areas of the organization to work together toward the same goals and was as comfortable working with warehouse staff as she was with upper management.

-V. MamoneSystems ConsultantNetwork Digital

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