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Warning: Information Overload Kills

Warning: Information Overload Kills

Toxic MarketingBack in the 90’s when I was working in the photo business we talked about the digital tsunami.  It felt like a giant wave of technology that changed the way we communicate.  The growth of cable TV, the internet, mobile phones and digital imaging held a world of possibilities.  It was exciting.

And then, with social media, we were encouraged to be part of that giant communication network.  No longer were we mere content consumers, we were content providers.  And as the pace and volume of messages increased, meaning and veracity suffered.   Bottom line is that we’re sure getting a lot of information… but does it help or hinder our lives?

In fact, UC San Diego researchers estimate that global information consumption exceeds 9,570,000,000,000,000,000,000 bytes (or 9.57 zettabytes) per year… if this information were a stack of books, it would measure 5.6 billion miles and would stretch from Earth to Neptune 20 times over.  Keep in mind that this information is from 2008. I can’t even imagine how high it is today.

In a recent article by Ron Imminik of Book Buzz, he questions “How to Cope in a World that’s Gone Beyond Information Overload“.

This volume of information is apparent every day, in our bulging inboxes, our enormous choice of TV channels and an endless list of results on Google.

It’s no longer information overload. It’s filter failure.

There is chaos on the information superhighway. We can’t see the wood from the trees. Facts do not exist any more, because every fact has an anti-fact on the web.

We create our own belief bubbles, our brains are mush and we are driven by what the smart phone tells us. It’s a cocktail for disaster. Or is it?

What comes next is up to us.  If we can’t filter or tune out or turn off, we’re doomed.  If we don’t have the will to sift through deep piles of pundits to find the truth, we’re toast.  If we continue to litter the airwaves with meaningless drivel, half truths and bold lies, we’re done.

Don’t succumb to a world where speed, wit and brevity are valued more than truth, justice and the American way.  Think before you tweet!

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