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Water Retention:Not Good … Customer Retention:Awesome

Water Retention:Not Good ... Customer Retention:Awesome

Customer Retention

Can you develop new business without knowing anything about your current or past customers?  Sure you can.  It may not be the smartest, most cost effective, most efficient thing to do… but you can do it.  When money is tight and time is tighter, it just doesn’t make sense to do that.

What’s your retention rate?

I’ve spoken to quite a few small businesses the N.Y.C. area and Long Island.  When I ask about their customer retention rate, they usually say “It’s high”, “It’s good” or “That’s not a problem for us”.  When I probe and ask them for the numbers, 99% of the time I’ll get the disappearing-neck shrug of the shoulders.  Bottom line, they really don’t know.

Your customers are one of your biggest potential resources.  Cultivate them.  Baby them.  Respect them


 Here are 7 easy steps to increase customer retention:

  1. PERCEPTION                      Remember that it’s all about your customers’ perception…not yours.
  2. MEASURE                            Don’t rely on your feelings about customer retention.  Measure it!
  3. DELIGHT                               Focus on customer ‘delight’… not just satisfaction
  4. DEAR JOHN                         Get the facts on why customers leave.  Ask them.  Don’t assume.
  5. FRIENDING                         Cultivate consistent ongoing relationships with customers.
  6. EXPECTATIONS                 Proactively manage your customers’ expectations
  7. BLACK BOOK                      Reach out to all of those folks in your “little black book” of ex-customers

Love thy customers

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Your customers are one of your biggest potential resources.

Cultivate them.

Baby them.

Respect them.

Love them even if they leave you!

High customer retention rates could the fuel you need for your business.  Raise those rates and it’ll increase customer loyalty and new referrals.  Now that’s the type of synergy you need.

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