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The Magnificent 7 of Marketing

The Magnificent 7 of Marketing

It’s a stuffy room without windows and the meeting is approaching it’s second hour.  And, in the last 74 minutes you’ve heard 60 minutes of two voices (of the 9 people in the room).

They (think they) know everything.

They have all the answers (but few original thoughts).

They repeat what you’ve said as though it was their own revelation.

They shoot down everyone’s ideas.

Their words bulldoze through the great ideas of the magnificent, yet virtually silent, 7.

They have their own agenda…and it is them. They are the Vocals. They talk endlessly and often say nothing useful.


The magnificent 7 are:


Open Minded

Creative Collaborators




These are the people you want in on your team.  They are the FOCALS. They don’t claim to have all the answers, but ask the right questions.

They’re Focused on the task at hand.

They’re Open Minded and receptive to new ideas, new people and new concepts.

They’re Creative Collaborators who can weave seemingly disparate ideas.  They’re synthesizers of information and people.

They’re Analytical and evaluate solutions vs. resources. They can figure out the difference between dreams and plans.

They’re Listeners who read between the lines. They realize that good ideas can come from anyone at anytime.

They’re Strategic and focused on the objectives and not self-aggrandizement.


They are the font of ideas that can lead you to great success. The VOCALS can overwhelm you, breathing in all of the oxygen in a room. Don’t let them. Simply, don’t let them. Next time you’re in a meeting, open the door to the Magnificent 7. You may have never seen the movie (by the same name), but it’s said that they Magnificent 7 fought like 700. And, they can fight like 700 for you if you just open the door.


Wherever smart people work, doors are unlocked.  Steve Wozniak

People who think they know everything

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