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Who Wins the Marketing Vs. Sales Battle

Who Wins the Marketing Vs. Sales Battle

The marketing vs. sales battle has been going on for ages.  And, there are no winners.

As part of the marketing department in a number of large corporations, we marketers consistently heard sales folks telling us that “nothing happens until it’s sold”.  On the other hand, marketers always felt that “if it doesn’t get sold, it’s marketing’s fault” and “if it does get sold, it’s because of the sales teams’ hard work”.   Forget about ‘holier than thou’ attitudes and ‘woe is me’ thinking.  It doesn’t help anyone.

So, who is more important?  I think the best answers are.

(a)    Neither

(b)   Both

(c)    All of the above

It does indeed take a village.  Marketing and Sales need to be working together.  If they are, the business will get the best of both worlds —  the longer time frame and broader market view of marketing combined with the shorter time frame and drilled down view of the market of sales.  Both marketing and sales should be working shoulder to shoulder to reach the highest sustainable top and bottom line while building a foundation that will support the organization down the road.  That’s a win-win.

That win-win village of collaborative marketing and sales teams uses information as currency.  If you’re going to have a solid alignment of sales and marketing objectives and a common understanding of where you’re driving the organization together… you’re going to need to keep those lines of communication open.   Marketers need to understand they they need to include sales before marketing objectives and programs are set.  They need to be willing to explain why they’re doing (or not doing) certain things.  And, sales teams need to be willing to explain their needs and challenges when they’re still mole hills.

“You will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want.”  Zig Ziglar



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