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Silent Drama of Photography

Silent Drama of Photography

salgadoI’ve always been enchanted by the power of photography.  I came across this TED talk from Sebastio Salgado entitled “The silent drama of photography”.  Salgado has spent a majority of his photographic career focused on the forgotten and discarded people of the world.  In this talk, he shows how he’s transitioned to the discarded landscapes of our world, pointing out the contradiction that, in modern times, building has been accompanied by destruction.

Salgado is passionate about his ‘big picture’ view of the world.  He is presented with situations and uses the tools available to achieve his objective whether it is educating the masses about inhumane injustices or encouraging us to build a world that can sustain all of us and reverse the destruction we’ve caused.

His photography is anything but silent.  It speaks volumes without a word because it’s filled with the type of passion that makes good things great.  Whether you’re changing the world or just a small part of it – be passionate.  It stirs your creative spirit and speaks volumes.

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