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Stop Talking to Yourself… No One’s Listening

Stop Talking to Yourself… No One’s Listening

ListenWhen you’re busy talking to yourself, you’re probably not listening to your customers.  You know your business inside and out.  You know all of the funky terminology and the acronyms.  You know all of the details of your product or service that lie 27 layers under the surface.

When you go to an accountant to get your Tax Return completed, do you want to know that you can deduct the price of your new computer because State Law 2877 wasn’t passed at the 128th session of State Legislature?

When you buy Crocco Cream, do you need to know that the reason it smoothes your skin is because the structure of the CaH2OH ionized particles has the uberant genometability to pass through your pores into the denatured pollicules of the itinerant sub-cuticle and carbonize the helio-elasticin due to its unique fragilistic retinoiditis?


Respect their point of view

Your customers may not have the same knowledge and perspective that you do, but they are the key to your success.  It could be that if they’re confused, it’s because you didn’t do a great job of explaining your products and services.


Talk at their level.  Don’t talk down to them. 

Did you ever talk to someone who clearly thought they were smarter than you?   You know those people who have all of the answers and don’t think you have any.  That sigh of exasperation they have.  The way they roll their eyes.  Do you enjoy those conversations?  Well, your customers don’t enjoy it when you treat them that way.


Listen between the lines 

It’s great when you promote customer engagement.  You blast your customer service number all over the place.  Your customer service email address is everywhere.  And then your customer calls.  They’re confused.  You’re doing a million other things as you try to answer their questions.  You’re really not giving them your full attention.  Your answers are simple, one word answers.  And you’re certainly not listening “between the lines”.  To do that you need to give them your full attention.  Answer their questions and then… ask them questions to be sure you really understand what’s going on.   Your objective is not just to answer questions.  Your objective is to understand them.


Focus on benefits, not features

In every industry there are long lists of technical terms and technologies.  Legal and financial services are full of complex terminology and a unique writing style that can be near impossible to read.  Surely, you have some customers who understand it all.  Most do not.

If you’re buying new phone service, do you need to know the technology of fiber optic services or do you just need to know about the benefits it provides?

Some people don’t want any deep detail.  Some want a small taste (so they can feel like an expert).  And some want the full onslaught of detail.  The best solution is to make it available to them in easily digestible bits and bytes.  Bottom line – Don’t speak geek unless it’s requested.


Mutual understanding

After you’ve gone through all the steps, make sure that you understand your customer and that they understand you.  That confirmation helps to seal the deal.


Happy, satisfied customers are going to take your business to the next level.   There are a few keys that unlock that door.  One of the biggest is to stop talking to yourself.  No one’s listening.

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