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Thank You Leadership

Thank You Leadership


Good managers say thank you.  Great leaders figure out how to create teams who are consistently worthy of  praise and appreciation.

We all know that a simple thank you has amazingly powerful impact. So easy… yet so often overlooked. I suppose that’s why Harvard Business Review chose to write an article to emphasize the critical importance of recognition and praise.

I think we should take it one step further. Why don’t we manage, train, and lead our employees to that land of the heartfelt thank you. Our leadership objective should be to educate, mold and transform people into people who earn the blue ribbon, the pat on the back and / or the public accolade.

Most people come to work every day aiming to do a good job (even if my one bad boss didn’t believe that). And most people—and, as a result, most organizations—actually do pretty well. What should they get in return? Cosmetics entrepreneur Mary Kay Ash put it this way: “There are two things people want more than sex and money: recognition and praise.”

Now, I’m not Pollyannaish. My colleagues can vouch for my toughness. But what’s wrong with recognizing a job well done? Why not say thank you more often—and mean it?

via The Two Most Important Words – Harvard Business Review.

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